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Back Ache Issue

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Young Couples

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Weight Miss-Match

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Answer few questions to know which mattress suits you



How is Bianca different ?
Bianca offers you a range of mattresses, each model is the best for a particular issue. Unlike other online brands, we do Not suggest One model to all our customers.

If you have undergone a Back Surgery - you will not be looking at the price, but you will need a mattress that helps you heal fast.
If you are an athlete you will require a mattress specifically made for fast recovery.
If you prefer Firm Feel, why would you compromise with a soft mattress?
How is Bianca's built quality better  ?

Bianca uses only Swiss-Ko certified premium quality foams. All our foams are 100% pure - free of any fillers or other heavy metals. This ensures a healthy sleep for you and your family. Swiss-Ko certified foams are bacteria and dust mite resistant which helps avoid respiratory problem and is asthmatic friendly.

After million plus tests, we have designed our multi-layer mattresses which provides the perfect balance of support, breathability, comfort and alignment.

Why trust Swiss-Ko sleep technology ?

Swiss-Ko is Europe’s No. 1 sleep technology.

30,00,000+ Mattresses Sold Certified by Swiss-Ko 

27+ Patents Intelligent Multi-Layer Design 

45+ Awards Best Mattress Technology 

10,00,000+ Tests Best Consumer Preference

How can Bianca claim 70% saving  ?

At Bianca, each piece-of-art mattress is made to measure – to fit perfectly on your bed and shipped right to your doorstep. Why should you pay for unnecessary overhead costs! Our direct to consumer approach helps us bring you over 70% in savings, and a 5 star sleeping experience at an affordable price. We've re-engineered the supply chain to cut out unnecessary Middlemen and Logistics resulting in massive savings for you. 

How do you ship these big mattresses  ?

Thanks to Swiss-Ko patented technology mattress is compressed and shipped right to your Doorstep in one neat box free of cost. 

How does it help my back problem ?

The only range of mattresses in India, recommended by European Orthopaedic Society. Our mattresses are widely recommended by doctors and physiotherapists. It is ideal not only for patients with back problems but for everyone who values fit, healthy and pain-free life. Each mattress adjusts to body shape offering optimum support and relieving back-pain by allowing proper blood circulation. 

How long will the mattress take to expand?

After you finish unboxing process, 90% of your mattress will take its shape within the 15 minutes of unwrapping and can be used straight away. However, it would take 48 hours for the mattress to completely retain its original shape and size.

Can a Bianca mattress be customized to size?

A Bianca mattress can be customized to any length and width you require. Please select the nearest next size & mention the required size in the Notes Section while placing the order.

Why do you have different models of mattresses?

Every individual will have different body type. We focus on designing and crafting limited models that suits different body type, different level of firmness and are pocket friendly.