All You Need To Know While Buying a Mattress – A Complete Guide

Getting a good night’s sleep bears a significant impact on one’s health. Among the various factors that determine how well an individual sleeps, using the right mattress is the most crucial one. Whether you shop for mattresses online or offline, it is important that you put in a lot of thought before you make a purchase, so that you don’t end up regretting your choice later. Although finding a mattress best-suited to your specific needs may seem complicated, being equipped with the proper knowledge can be a huge help. We are here to let you know everything you need to know while buying a mattress:

A Guide On Different Mattress Sizes

Choosing the correct mattress size is one of the first things that you should consider before purchasing a mattress. There are varied sizes of mattresses that you will come across in mattress stores. However, you must note that the universal thickness of every mattress size will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model due to the varying lengths and widths that are offered. The following chart will give you an idea about the different mattress sizes and the standard dimensions for each:

Mattress Size

Dimensions (Width x Length)

King size mattress


Queen size mattress


Full or Double bed mattress


Twin XL mattress


Single or Twin bed mattress


Baby crib mattress



Most mattress brands offer the above sizes of mattresses for you to choose from. Now let us divide these mattress sizes into two categories - mattresses for single sleepers and mattresses for multiple sleepers - to get a better understanding of them all.

Mattresses For Single Sleepers

While it is obvious that Baby crib mattresses are meant for toddlers, Twin, Twin XL, and Double bed mattresses are mostly ideal for single sleepers. A couple may fit on a double bed mattress, but Twin and Twin XL are mattress sizes that can accommodate only a single person. Here’s a comparison between the three to know which one is right for you:

Single Or Twin

Twin XL

Full Or Double





Surface area

2,700 sq. inches

3,040 sq. inches

4,050 sq. inches

Suitable for

Children, Teenagers, and Single Adults with a height less than 6 feet.

Teenagers and Single Adults with a height above 6 feet.

Single Adults with a height less than 6 feet.


  • Quite Affordable
  • Wide range of options in bed frames and accessories 
  • Sufficient legroom for tall people
  • Ideal for single sleepers who share their bed with a pet
  • Affordable
  • A spacious mattress for single adults
  • A versatile option that can also accommodate a couple


  • Not ideal for couples
  • Children or teen sleepers can outgrow this size
  • Not ideal for couples
  • Limited options available in accessories and they tend to be more expensive
  • Price approximately close to that of a Queen size mattress
  • Not spacious for people taller than 6 feet


Mattresses For Multiple Sleepers

Queen size and King size mattresses are apt for couples as they are made to accommodate more than one sleeper. But when considering these mattress sizes, you must also be sure if they can easily fit inside your bedroom, how much extra space you desire in the room, etc.

Queen size

King size




Surface area

4,680 sq. inches

6,120 sq. inches

Suitable for

Couples who don’t share their bed with kids or pets

Couples who want an adequate space, Couples sharing their bed with young kids


  • A commonly available mattress size
  • Accessories are more affordable and easier to find
  • Simpler to move than king size beds
  • Features maximum width, making it well-suited for couples with children
  • An extra spacious option for people whose pets sleep on their bed


  • A lot less roomy compared to a king size mattress
  • Uncomfortable for couples sharing their bed with small kids
  • Costlier than queen size mattress
  • Occupies a huge part of the room; may leave little extra space
  • Tough to move


Selecting The Appropriate Mattress Size

Although the above comparison charts of mattress sizes will give you a basic idea about the differences between them all, there are several more aspects that need to be taken into consideration before you buy mattresses online or offline:

1. The Size Of The Bed Frame

It is extremely essential to know if the size of the bed frame is long enough to accommodate your height to let you toss and turn comfortably. If it does, then you can choose a suitable mattress size accordingly. A Twin XL, Queen size or King size mattress are all preferable options for persons taller than 6 feet.

2. The Number Of People Sleeping On The Mattress

Whether you sleep alone or alongside a partner plays a major role in determining the right mattress size for you. For instance, a single or twin mattress is ideal for single sleepers, but a couple may need to opt for a Queen or King size mattress depending on whether or not they share their bed with children or pets.

3. Your Preferred Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position also matters when it comes to mattress size selection. For example, if you change positions often during sleep, then a single mattress won’t be apt for you even if you are a single sleeper, but a full size bed could be better instead. If you sleep on your stomach or your back, you will require more legroom than a side sleeper would.

4. The Dimensions Of Your Bedroom

Before getting a new mattress, it is recommended to buy one in a size that leaves around 24 inches of space from all sides of the bed - to avoid your bedroom from looking stuffy and cramped. It is imperative to know the exact dimensions of your room as well as that of the mattress to make the right purchase.

5. Versatility

Memory foam vs latex mattress is a common subject of debate among mattress buyers, and there are more types of mattresses found in the market that suit the distinct requirements of different people. But whatever type of mattress you choose, make sure that its size will prove to be versatile enough from a future perspective. For instance, you may be a single sleeper currently, but from a long-term point of view you may consider opting for a bigger mattress size that can accommodate your future partner or children or pets easily. Mattress shopping is not something that one engages in on a frequent basis, hence by taking this factor into consideration you may not have to replace your mattress every few years.

6. Your Budget

The size of a mattress has a considerable impact on its price. Typically, the bigger the size of the mattress, the more it costs. Apart from the cost of the mattress, you should be aware that accessories such as bedsheets, bed frames, etc. tend to be more expensive for less common mattress sizes like Twin XL as opposed to the popular sizes. Hence, you must take all these parameters into account to choose the best mattress size that can effectively cater to your needs as well as your budget.