Gel Memory Foam vs Latex Mattress

Selecting mattresses that speak your language of comfort and care amongst the huge heap of options available can be stressful. At Bianca, we eliminate your stress and clear the mess, by offering high-quality two mattresses that are synonymous with excellence:Gel-Memory Foam and Organic Latex Mattress. 

Scientifically designed and curated with quality materials, both the mattresses cater to specific requirements, enabling you to enjoy sound sleep and a healthy life. Since inception, we have aimed to provide our customers with simplified solutions at budget-friendly prices and we offer that through our exclusive two mattresses.

Most Popular

gel memory foam orthopedic mattress

Most Advanced

organic latex mattress

Gel-Memory Foam

Orthopedic Mattress

Latex Mattress

Orthopedic Mattress

Starting From
Rs 5,499
Starting From
Rs 11,199
For those looking for
 Comfort At Cozy Price.
For those looking for
 Maximum Support & Luxury Feel.
2 layers mattress
2 Layers
3 layer design mattress
3 Layers
Gel Memory Foam
Orthopedic & Cooling
organic latex natural cooling
Organic Latex
Natural Cooling
gel memory foam mattress
Memory Foam
Uniform support mattress
Uniform Support 
provides equal support throughout
zonal support by the mattress
Zonal Support
provides targeted support for spine care
Available Thickness
4"  -  6"  -  8"
Available Thickness
6"  -  8"
Starting From
Rs 5,499
Starting From
Rs 11,199
red gel memory foam orthopedic mattress

At Bianca, we don’t sell products but an experience that stays with you for a long time, just like that special dream. We design every mattress meticulously by doing thorough research and use only quality raw material sourced from certified and credible suppliers to offer you a mattress unlike the ordinary. For us, your comfort is our priority. Hence, we offer scientifically designed cushioned effect mattresses that not only facilitate sound sleep but also give you your personal favorite comfort zone.

To offer you the best than the rest, Bianca offers products certified by Swiss-Ko, an advanced technology that is designed specifically for sleep management. They are also certified by the European Orthopedic Society that signifies the ability of the mattresses to provide quintessential healing and support to the body. So quality and comfort are something that you don’t have to worry about with our mattresses. The certifications denote that the products comply with the stringent standards that allow you to get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed the next morning, every day!

Certified, scientifically designed, durable and low maintenance mattresses are what Bianca offers for you to avail a complete package of comfort. Being India’s Sleep Facilitators, we work to curate mattresses that offer optimal support and rejuvenates the body and mind. So if you wish to get up every morning being fresh rather than a ‘DND’ moody, you know what to get! If you’re confused between Memory foam vs Latex mattress, check the table given above.

Delivering quality solutions since 1980, Bianca today takes pride in having 10 million satisfied clients and aims to increase this number by continuing the legacy of offering excellence. We plan to do this by not just offering quality products but services too. At Bianca, you get a 100 night trial period to ensure that you’re happy with your purchase. Furthermore, we sell directly to our customers, anywhere in India, at no additional cost.

With no middlemen involved, we offer a seamless experience and products at the best price. We help you avail your sleep partner in just 7 days and also have a simple Return policy, with no questions asked. Designed for Zero Partner disturbance and delivered in sustainable packaging, Bianca offers eco-friendly and non-toxic mattresses at budget-friendly rates that help you get your hands on your ‘partner-in-sleep’ without any hassle.