Certified orthopedic mattress

Mattress Buying FAQ: Pricing, Sizes and How to Buy 

How is Bianca different ?
We believe in providing a mattress which suits your requirements. Unlike other brands, we do not suggest one or two generic mattress models to all our customers. We believe that one mattress cannot suit every body type. 

Each of our model is created after research and data analysis of Indian consumer preferences of over last 40 years. Our core objective is to provide a solution to end consumer’s specific problem. We understand your needs and suggest appropriate mattress only. 
How is Bianca's quality any better ?

We uses only Swiss-Ko certified premium quality foams. All our foams are 100% pure - free of any fillers or other heavy metals. This ensures a healthy sleep for you and your family. Swiss-Ko certified foams are bacteria and dust mite resistant which helps avoid respiratory problem and is asthmatic friendly.After million plus tests, we have designed our multi-layer mattresses which provides the perfect balance of support, breathability, comfort and alignment. 

Why trust Swiss-Ko Sleep Technology ?

Swiss-Ko is Europe’s No. 1 sleep technology provider. Over 3 million Swiss-Ko certified mattresses are sold world-wide every year. They have 27 patents for their intelligent multi-layer design and have received 45 awards for Best Mattress Technology.

How does it help my back pain ?

These are the only range of mattresses in India, recommended by European Orthopedic Society. Our mattresses are widely recommended by doctors and physiotherapists. It is ideal not only for patients with back problems but for everyone who values fit, healthy and pain-free life. Each mattress adjusts to body shape offering optimum support and relieving back-pain by allowing proper blood circulation.

How can Bianca claim 70% saving ?

Our direct to consumer approach helps us bring you over 70% in savings. Each piece-of-art mattress is custom made – to fit perfectly on your bed size. It is shipped right to your doorstep directly from our factory. We've re-engineered the supply chain to cut out unnecessary Middlemen and Logistics resulting in massive savings for you.

Can it be customized to fit my bed size ?

A Bianca mattress can be customized to any length and width you require. Please click ‘For Customized Size’ section above add to cart button and enter your required mattress length and width. Click ‘Confirm Size’ button next to it to update the price for your custom size. Thereafter proceed to place your order how you normally do.

How to unpack this mattress in a box ?

It is super simple and fun to watch. Just tear the outer plastic cover and unroll the mattress onto your bed. Now, cut inner plastic cover and watch the magic unfold.