Best Mattresses from Bianca

These days, consumers are more conscious about exploring the features of a product before making the final purchase. Customer feedback on e-commerce portals and dedicated blogs on product categories empower the average consumer to make informed decisions about their spending. Mattress, as a consumer product, is very much sought after by almost everyone these days. Just having a large sack of cotton, stuffed and flattened, no longer qualifies as an acceptable mattress.

Hence, at Bianca, we have plenty of categories defined for mattresses that may be a perfect fit for a particular set of conditions. Some mattresses are categorized for different age groups, medical conditions, occupation of an individual, anti-allergen capabilities, and even mattresses that suit couples.

All these categories have other characteristics like:

- Level of firmness

- Size of the mattress depending on the size/number of people on the mattress

- Motion isolation

- Anti-allergen capabilities

- Spinal alignment

Another aspect to a feature-set of a mattress determines how it performs under different weather conditions. It might come as a surprise, but depending on the material used for the mattress, it can be suitable for a particular weather type. Switching mattresses for different weather conditions is not entirely feasible every time. Depending on where you live, there will be a specific type of weather predominant in the area. India is generally tropical climatically. It means that the weather in India is typically hot and humid. It would not be wise to generalize India's entire climate as hot and humid. An informed distinction that we can make is that India's northern part is much colder and drier than the nation's southern part.

Mattress for Hot and Humid Weather Conditions

The keyword that defines a mattress suited for hot and humid weather conditions is "breathable." We take much care when choosing a piece of clothing and stress, particularly on the fabric. Our clothes are an extension to our skin, and we ensure that our clothing fabric is breathable and allows airflow in and out.

We need to exercise caution when choosing a mattress and stress the fabric it is woven into. The choice of fabric makes a world of difference in how the mattress will feel in hot and humid conditions. The mattress is supposed to support airflow, transport moisture (remember, humans, perspire even while asleep) and stay dry. Besides fabric, the construction of the mattress can also impact the mattresses' ability to stay dry and ventilated.

Hot Weather Mattress - Best Mattress Brands in India

Bianca Mattress is right on top among the best mattress brands in India that are well aware of what makes a mattress great. Their CASPIAN series of mattresses come with their proprietary aero-core fabric specially woven to support air circulation in summers. The breathable top layer provides consistent airflow that helps the mattress stay dry. A dry top layer directly translates into a cooler surface temperature on the mattress.

Bianca's online mattress store India also has a product series named "AEROGEL" that provides a medium soft feel using a gel as a layer in the multi-layered mattress. The gel not only provides memory foam benefits, but also helps regulate moisture and temperature. This mattress series also has orthopedic benefits that help support your spine during a good night's sleep. The mattress has the twin benefits of spine support as well as excellent temperature regulation. Also, this mattress has its proprietary aero-care breathable fabric.

We have discussed just a few of the feature-rich and value for money mattresses available on Bianca's online mattress store India. Make sure to check their range of products on