Buy India's Best Mattress Online With Bianca Mattress | 100 Night Trial

There is an old proverb “Sleeping is not taking rest for today’s hard work, it is gaining strength for tomorrow’s”. 

A good sleep is what health care professionals recommend to get over most minor health issues and feeling rejuvenated. Besides allowing the body to undertake repair & maintenance work, sleep also provides rest to our tired mind. Therefore, selecting the best mattress available makes sure that you get a good sleep every night.  

Hence deciding the right mattress for you is one of the key decisions that would help you lead an active life. Buying a mattress in India is a decision spread in two parts. In the first part, the decision is to buy a mattress that is right for you and the second part is where to buy it from?

Let us first analyse the “which” part of the decision. 

Historically, cotton was the preferred material of choice for making mattresses in India. The neighbourhood mattress maker would custom-made a cotton mattress as per his customer’s specifications and deliver it within a week. While the dimensions of the mattress were matched, the quality and origins of the cotton that went inside the mattress was always a mystery for the customer. 

While cotton was readily available and also quite economical, these mattresses came with some disadvantages like:

  • They were bulky 
  • They attracted a lot of dust and dirt.
  • The quality and origins of the cotton always raised doubts. 
  • Most importantly, over time they lost their firmness and failed to provide the requisite support to the body leading to many health issues. 

Eventually, as people realised the disadvantages of cotton mattress in India, they started shifting to other materials and types. Also, with the rise of the internet, one could now easily buy mattresses online from the convenience of their offices or homes and get them delivered to the place of use, which was a huge shift from the conventional model.  

With an estimated market size of approximately 18 million units, the average life of a mattress in India is around 12 years. Infact, the criticality of a mattress can be understood from the fact that behind a TV and the refrigerator, a household ranks the mattress as the third largest spend item. 

Today, the tendency to buy mattress online is on the rise as the customer is assured of home delivery, reasonable price and more importantly the quality of material that has gone into its making. 

Another thing that changed in India over the years was the growing preference to other material and mattress use. While some want the mattress to be super soft, some saw it as a remedy for orthopaedic problems. 

Unlike the cotton mattresses, the modern mattresses have many advantages like:

  • They are lightweight and mobile.
  • They are designed not to attract dust or dirt. 
  • The material used is tested for quality and is of known origins.
  • Modern mattresses do not lose their properties for a very long period of time, thus providing the necessary health benefits unobstructed. 

One of the best mattress to buy in India is from Bianca. Bianca has been an established player since the 1980’s. In fact, Bianca has been one of the foremost entities in taking sales of mattress online in India besides developing a mattress as a health & wellness essential. 

At a time when most mattress makers were concentrating on developing their own distributor-dealer-retailer network, Bianca was busy taking the mattress online! 

By taking mattresses online, Bianca was not only able to offer faster and direct-to-customer deliveries, but was also able to cut down the prices by driving out the middlemen from the system.  

Another key change that Bianca introduced to the world of mattresses in India was to match the customer requirement to the profile of the user. For instance, while India was already familiar with the concept of memory foam, Bianca took the lead in establishing the memory foam gel mattress. Besides providing the advantages of memory foam, the gel helped in dissipating the body heat and making the user comfortable. 

Besides such innovations, Bianca introduced a host of features to the world of mattress in India. 

  • 10 year Warranty: Due to their advanced design and the use of best quality material, Bianca mattress come with a unique 10 year warranty. This provides peace of mind to the customers.  
  • Swiss-Ko Certified: Bianca is the only company in India whose mattress range is certified by Swiss-Ko, Europe’s top technology provider.
  • Orthopedically certified: Besides Swiss-Ko, Bianca’s entire range is certified by the European Orthopaedic Society for its usefulness.  
  • Zero Partner Disturbance: The construction and design of Bianca mattresses is such that even if your partner twists or turns in the bed next to you, you will not be disturbed by the vibrations. 
  • Eco-friendly & non-toxic: All raw material used in Bianca mattresses are of known origins and completely non-toxic in nature thus preserving your health. 
  • Box packing: Bianca offers free shipping anywhere in the country and express shipping to select metros of 7 days. It is packed neatly in a box making transportation easy. 
  • Upto 70% saving in cost: Since Bianca delivers direct-to-customer, there are no middle-men. This results in savings upto 70% which are passed on to the customers. 
  • 100 night trial policy: Bianca mattresses come with a unique 100 night trial policy. If customers are unhappy with the product’s performance, they can return it back without having to answer any questions. 

So the next time you are looking for a mattress online in India or recommending anyone to a mattress online, remember to choose the best mattress in India. 

As they say, “good laughs and good sleep are the two best cures for almost anything”, Bianca can surely help you with the sleep part. While for good laughs, they will happen naturally after you choose the best mattress anyways!