Can Meditation Help You Sleep Better at Night?

Meditation has been a trusted cure for various mental and physical problems for centuries. In the past few decades, the practice of meditation has become increasingly popular not just in India but all around the globe. It is believed that there are various ways one can slow down the human mind and meditation is believed to be one of them. With the right meditation practices, not only one can progress through the day with ease but also sleep soundly. Sleeping on a natural latex mattress or any other quality mattress of your choice is another factor that can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Here’s how meditation can induce sound sleep: 

1. Helps in controlling anxiety

Anxiety, stress, worry and overthinking do not allow the mind to be at ease, preventing you from getting a sound sleep. Meditation is considered to be a method of keeping all these in control while allowing the mind to get into a deep state of relaxation and stay at peace. When you meditate, your mind stays focused on a single activity rather than being stuck between numerous thoughts; this helps you in falling asleep peacefully.

2. Optimizes one’s physiological state

To naturally fall asleep, your body’s physiological state needs to be at par. Even excitement and high blood pressure can be obstacles to achieving sound sleep. Here’s how meditation can help balance one’s internal body state:

  • Balances blood pressure and heart rate

When we stress, our body produces stress hormones. This triggers high blood pressure leading to an increased heart rate. Meditation helps the body get into a ‘rest and digest state’ which counters the aggressive nature associated with stress. Therefore, inculcating meditation into your daily routine can help lower blood pressure for better sleep. 

  • Increases production of the sleep hormone

There is a hormone called melatonin which is responsible for better sleep. The role of melatonin is to maintain the body’s internal clock and set it in the right motion following a healthy sleep pattern. Ideally, the production of melatonin increases at night and decreases when there’s light. Meditation helps in increasing and balancing melatonin production in the right way naturally.

3. Prevents sleep disorders associated that are associated with depression

Patients suffering from depression must follow routine medication to drive away negative emotions which can amplify or trigger sleep difficulties. Meditation teaches an individual to accept and let go rather than hold the thoughts for longer periods. Ultimately, meditation helps not just in suppressing but driving away the symptoms of depression. This helps in getting healthy, sound sleep. 

4.It helps to maintain the balance of the nervous system

Regular meditation helps in balancing the nervous system, effectively curbing issues such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Along with the right routine and meditation practices, choosing the right mattress is also essential for sound sleep. You must shop for quality mattresses in Hyderabad or wherever else you wish to buy mattresses online in India from, to avoid problems like back aches, insomnia, etc. which may disrupt one’s sleep.