Early Bird vs Night Owl: The Healthier Sleep Style

We all fall under either one of the two main categories of sleepers - ‘early birds’ or ‘night owls.’ An early bird refers to a person who goes to bed before midnight and wakes up early in the morning along with the sunrise, whereas a night owl is a person who stays up until the wee hours of the night and doesn’t hit the sack before the early hours of the morning. Whatever your preferred style of sleeping, it is important that you buy a high quality mattress only from one of the best mattress brands in India to ensure that you always enjoy a good and restful sleep.

Which Sleeping Style Is Healthier – Early Birds or Night Owls?

  • Early birds are super active during the daytime, while night owls are more efficient during the evening and feel fresh even long after midnight. But according to certain scientific studies conducted over the past few years, the early bird culture has been recommended as the healthier one of the two.
  • The reason for this endorsement by scientists is that the human body’s internal clock is naturally inclined to follow the rhythms of the Earth’s 24-hour rotation cycle.
  • Biologically, we are meant to wake up during the daytime when there is sunlight and go to sleep at night-time when it is dark. But quite often, this natural rhythm is disturbed when an individual pulls an all-nighter or sleeps hours after midnight due to various reasons. However once disrupted, it can get troublesome to adjust your sleeping schedule and switch it back to normal again.

Comparison Between Early Birds and Night Owls
Early birds are generally found to be happier, healthier, and more motivated than night owls who stay up late at night, which in turn makes them more productive than the latter category of sleepers. People who rise early and sleep on time also tend to have lower levels of depression. On the other hand, night owls tend to be at a greater risk for obesity, high blood pressure, depression, etc. However, there is no reason for night owls to worry as there are some ways in which they can still switch over to an early bird style.

How To Switch Over to Being an Early Bird From a Night Owl?

  1. Put dark curtains on your windows or wear a sleep mask over your eyes to block out any source of light.
  2. Avoid using electronic devices before going to bed as the blue light emitted from them can negatively impact your natural sleep cycle. Read a book or meditate instead for a calming sleep.
  3. Sleep on an orthopedic memory foam mattress or a natural latex mattress as these can keep your posture aligned and relieve your body pain issues while granting you a comfortable slumber throughout the night.