Gift yourself the Key of Soundest Sleep this New Year

2020 was perhaps the worst year for most of us in a lifetime. Hopefully, 2021 will bring better opportunities and hopes. Having a sound and refreshing sleep is the best way to ensure good health.

Getting a good quality of sleep is essential for everyone. With a complete routine of sleep, we feel refreshed through the next day. Thus, sleep is an essential part of our daily routine, and any compromise with it can leave us with the feeling of slouchiness.

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest concerns for many people nowadays. There are many reasons for it: working extended hours, working out of the routine, i.e., in night shifts and so, excessive caffeine intake through coffee and tea, listening to loud music, or partying late nights.

Insomnia is one of the biggest reasons for sleep deprivation for most people, though. It is characterised by a chronic lack of sleep. Often the condition emanates from psychological concerns like stress and genetic reasons.

Lack of sleep for an extended period is known to deteriorate mental conditions further.

Here are some tips you can try at the start of the year and assure yourself good nights of sleep.

  • Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine in the form of hot drinks like tea, coffee and energy drinks in either too much quantity or closer to your sleep schedule can cause you to feel refreshed; it can, therefore, reset your biological clock.

People with too much of caffeine dependence are prone to conditions like insomnia. Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant which is best avoided near the bedtime and in huge quantity and frequency the whole day.

  • Reduce mood-altering things

Smoking and drinking are known to have several effects on the users’ mood. Drinking can increase one’s dependence on it and the tolerance levels. People known to be chronically addicted to nicotine in the form of smoking and alcohol are susceptible to mood alterations due to their consumption.

Chained-smokers reportedly find it difficult to fall asleep on time. Some chain-smokers are also known to smoke between the breaks of sleep.

Alcohol may seem like a good sleep-inducing substance; however, the tolerance levels increase quickly; it leads to using more alcohol to fall asleep. Reducing their consumption if not avoiding them completely can help someone reset their sleep cycle and get more refreshing sleep.

  • Reduce sugar intake

Consuming sugar near the bedtime can make you feel restless. Sugar in too much quantity is a mood-altering substance.

For diabetics and prediabetics, increased blood sugar level can disrupt the whole night’s sleep. It can make them thirsty, which will cause them to drink more water and more frequent urination. Hence, reducing sugar intake, particularly before going to sleep and for diabetics keeping the blood sugar levels in control can be the best way of assuring good sleep.

  • Exercise

One of the most typical things you might have heard of as a remedy of sound sleep is getting adequate exercise to the body. The key is that one has to exercise at the right time.

Working out in the morning can help you get tired the whole day and fall asleep easily in the night.

  • Choose the right mattress

For those who have to work at nightshifts can’t do much about it. However, choosing the right mattress can be helpful. A comfy and pliant mattress can help you align the body comfortably, helping you improve the sleep rhythm.

To conclude

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