Healthy Sleep Habits: Clean & Serene

The foundation for good health and a happier frame of mind is good sleep, and most of us are aware of its importance. However, not everyone thinks about the health of the space they're sleeping in their bedrooms. So if a person is looking to improve their sleep quality, it's time for the first to update their sleep environment. Most of them are in the delusion that washing the bedsheets and vacuuming the room regularly keeps their room safe and healthy.  They are unaware of a dirty little secret of their bedroom that is: it's a treasure trove of toxins emanating from the fabrics and furniture treated with flame-retardants, stain-repelling solvents and a host of chemicals derived from carcinogens like coal, oil, and natural gas. And you're sleeping in it. So take a moment to read this article and take these steps to have a clean, green and serene bedroom.

Create a more serene space

The more pleasing and soothing the environment is, the easier it is to fall asleep. If you're not up for re-painting your walls a tranquil colour (but if you do, try blue — it's a peaceful pick), or try placing a few serene photos or pieces of artwork on your nightstand. You can also transform your bedroom and convey a sense of calm by having a wall hanging with spa colours of light blue and soft green. Adding a few indoor green plants would boost fresh oxygen levels and bring a pleasing visual to your environment.

Keep it cool

According to research, it is found that the ideal temperature for an undisrupted sleep is somewhat between 60 to 67 d degrees. The last thing you want is to sweat or shiver in bed, which can lead to a restless night. Thus, if you add a little humidity to the room, it would help you to have a better sleep. The ideal humidity is between 30% and 40%, so start using a humidifier (especially in the cold, dryer months) to regulate the air in your room.

Keep it quiet

As we sleep, we still process background noises. So if you have forgotten to switch off your  TV or there is beeping or buzzing on your smartphone, it can interrupt your sleep cycles. It is advised to keep the electronic device away from you while sleeping or at least have them turned off, so they don't disturb you. There is one exception, however. Ambient white noise may help by blocking background sounds (like a dog barking, car door slamming) and help you sleep more soundly.

Add a relaxing scent.

Some studies have found that lavender could decrease heart rate, skin temperature, and blood pressure, which could put you in a more relaxed state. It also helps to improve your mood and make you feel drowsy. Mist lavender linen spray on your pillow and sheets, use an aromatherapy diffuser to enjoy a whole-room scent, mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with body lotion and massage on your feet or try lighting up a lavender candle before going to bed.

Clear out the clutter.

One thing that will destroy a relaxing vibe in the bedroom is if there's clutter everywhere. It can also increase your levels of the stress hormone and cortisol. Take time to clear out extra stuff that you don't like, don't use, or don't belong in your bedroom because it can help you breathe a sigh of relief and a sense of peace.

Wrapping Up

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