Here’s How To Enjoy a Good Night Sleep During Summer

Summertime has already set in, bringing along warmer temperatures, humid weather, longer days, and shorter nights. These factors can make it difficult for people to get a good night’s sleep during the scorching summer months, as the human body is naturally inclined to sleep better when the climate is cool. Investing in the best mattress in India from a leading brand like Bianca is one of the ways in which you can enjoy a comfortable slumber even in the sweltering heat.

Due to the body’s circadian rhythm, your internal temperature lowers a bit around bedtime - which sends a signal to your brain that it is time for you to hit the sack. But when the outside weather is hot and damp, it becomes difficult for your internal temperature to drop which thus interferes with your sleep. However, you can still enjoy a restful sleep during summer nights by following the below tips:

1. Block out sources of light in the bedroom
You must put blackout curtains on all the windows in your bedroom so as to block out any outside light as you sleep. Additionally, you should also switch off all light sources inside the bedroom to ensure a more comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.

2. Take a cold bath before bedtime
Taking a cold bath during summertime is not only refreshing, but it also has a relaxing effect on the mind and body which can prepare you better for a good night’s sleep. You can have a quick shower with cold water before going to bed to cool down your body temperature and sleep like a baby the moment you hit the bed!

3. Keep your bedroom cool
It is important to keep your bedroom as cool and airy as possible when the outside temperature is high. Ceiling fans can improve the circulation of air in the bedroom, while air conditioning can also help to keep the room at an optimal temperature that is conducive to your sleep.

4. Use a high quality cooling mattress
Adding cooling accessories to your bedroom such as mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, etc. may prove to be more effective in combating the summer heat than anything else. Gel memory foam mattress is considered to be the best memory foam mattress in India as it provides the sleeper with a cooling sensation along with orthopedic support to ensure a healthy and cosy sleep all night long. Alternatively, an organic latex mattress is also a great option as it offers a natural cooling effect.

5. Drink some chilled water before going to bed
Drinking a glass of chilled water before heading to bed may aid in lowering your body’s internal temperature, which can in turn help you fall asleep more easily. You should always keep a bottle or a glass of cold water next to your bedside for a drink in case you wake up dehydrated during the sweaty summer nights.

Therefore, the above tips can ensure that good sleep comes to you even during summers.