How do you determine what type of mattress is best for you?

Mind & body is considered healthy based on the amount of rest it gets. The first thing that defines the utmost rest is sleep. Sleep for you may be an energy recharge, which helps you to work all day long. Proper sleep hours can increase your productivity and also give your body the much-needed rest. Comfort, room temperature and stress levels are factors that derive your sleep hours but one basic and major factor for a sound sleep is your Mattress.

Buying a mattress online has been a trend nowadays and what better than buying high-quality mattresses from Bianca. Bianca, one of the best mattress brand in India offers a wide range of high-quality mattress to meet all your comfort needs.

According to researchers and analysis, any type of bed or brand isn’t better than the other, some sleepers like it soft while some like the mattress to be firm. But if the mattress is too firm then the main pressure points are pushed and this soils the alignment of your body and at the same time and if it’s too soft, there would be no proper support to your body while you sleep. These situations would surely lead to a very sore back in the morning.

How would you know that you need a new Mattress?

If you wake up every morning from your bed and experience discomfort or a slight pain in your lower back which disappears while you stretch for a bit, then it's not your sleeping position but your mattress which is at fault. This is only the right time to get yourself a new mattress.

A right mattress is that mattress does not apply additional pressure to your body while you are resting and have an experience like floating in the air.

Replacing your mattress can also turn to a very tedious task. Finding the right online mattress store india or websites to buy from, the type of foam that you prefer and of course your budget are the factors you might look out for while buying a mattress.

There are certain factors that one must consider while buying a new mattress and also decide the type of mattress according to your comfort.

Bianca : Mattress type that suits you

Spring Mattress:

These mattresses are also known as coil mattresses. It is made by a metal wire coiled into numerous springs. These kind of mattresses were preferred a lot earlier, but slowly the demand for these mattresses have dropped. Although these mattresses are available in the market at considerably low prices, but the comfort level for these mattresses is very low.

Memory- foam Mattress:

These new-age mattresses are made from a moldable material called memory foam. The memory foam is a material that responds to temperature and weight. This material also has hypo-allergenic properties. The foam takes the shape of your body absorbing your weight and relieving pressure on the joints. For people with back pain, this mattress is the best. Bianca’s Caspian mattress is the best memory foam mattress available online.

Latex mattress:

These mattresses as the name suggests are made of latex foam. Latex foam is an easily breathable material. So a latex mattress avoids the excessive heating of the mattress throughout the night. They are extremely durable and should last for many years. If you are someone who has a desire for a firmer bed, then Bianca’s Sorrento mattress is the best mattress you could go for.

Range of mattresses from Bianca, helps you with options of mattresses to buy from according to your sleeping needs.

Mattress in a Box:

This is a very trending and new concept that is brought to India by the best mattress brands in India like Bianca. This concept highlights the factor of the packaging and the shipping of a mattress. Normally, when a mattress is brought, it has to be transported by a transporter and then brought to your homes by labour. But then, according to this newly adopted technique, the mattress is easily rolled and packed in a box by the manufacturer. This does not affect the form of the mattress. The box can very conveniently be carried by the customer itself in their cars and the tedious task of getting the mattress to your doorstep. Bianca’s mattress can be bought home and can be directly unfolded and fixed on your bed without any wrinkles.

Never rush into buying mattress and end up experiencing discomfort. Always determine your sleep requirements and only then go for a mattress that suits you. Choose from Bianca’s range of high quality mattresses

Whatever your type, Bianca mattress has the best solution.