How Does the Density of a Foam Mattress Matter?

It is while we sleep that our body heals itself. Numerous studies have linked improper sleep with various serious ailments like heart problems, high blood pressure, etc. 8 hours of proper and comfortable sleep is required by all adults and as we age, our bodies might need more rest. Therefore, a good mattress from one of the top mattress brands in India would be an investment in your and your family’s health.

The foam density of a mattress is an important factor in determining its quality. Higher foam density ensures a superior quality because of a better cell structure. Here are a few factors stating how foam density makes a difference:

1. Better Sleep
Depending upon your body type, weight, and the kind of sleeper you are or the position you sleep in, your mattress heavily influences the soundness and quality of your sleep. Although high foam mattresses are said to be the most preferred ones, your body might have a different requirement. Here’s how must choose the density of your mattress:

  • You need a high foam density mattress if you identify with any of the following: being a side or stomach sleeper, experiencing back pain, or being a senior citizen.
  • People who have average-sized bodies, sleep on their sides, backs and stomachs, and medium foam density mattresses work well.
  • Low foam density mattresses are the way to go for people with lighter bodies who sleep on their sides and backs.

2. Price and Durability
The denser the mattress, the more durable it will be, and hence, it will be costlier than the others. Denser foam mattresses are highly resistant to damage, they are less prone to sagging as compared to the medium and low-density ones, offering value for money. High foam density mattresses last for up to a decade before you might feel the need to change them. Medium-density ones might last for up to 7-8 years and the low-density ones have a life, of not more than 5-6 years.

3. Support
The lack of support provided by your mattress could lead to problems like backache, body ache, and a bad posture. Mattresses with high foam density offer good support to your body, especially the back. This back support is slightly reduced in the medium and low foam density mattresses.

4. Temperature Retention
Mattresses with a high foam density have lesser air pockets in between the layers and absorb much heat making them suitable for winters or areas with cooler temperatures. On the other hand, low foam density mattresses have better airflow that helps them remain cool making them ideal for warm climates.

Good sleep is essential for the overall well-being of one’s mind as well as the body. It can help one seize the day with vigor. Bianca offers you a wide range of mattresses, including everything right from orthopedic memory foam mattress to an organic latex mattress, etc. With Bianca you can browse through a plethora of options, find the one that suits your needs and buy mattresses online in India from Bianca with ease.