How Sturdy is Memory Foam Mattress?

Sleeping is an essential part of our daily activity. We all have a minimum daily sleep requirement that can make us feel energized and full of zeal and zest. To get good and fully refreshing sleep, we need to have the right mattress to fall asleep fast and for a long time. 

When choosing the top quality mattress, certain things like full spring support and memory foam are essential things to consider. Having a considerable number of and well-spread springs in the mattress makes them utterly comfortable to support the body well throughout.

Memory foam is the indispensable option to choose in terms of the material.

What makes memory foam the choicest option for mattress material?

Memory foam is highly pliant that makes you feel utmost comfortable. It evenly distributes the body weight throughout and makes the sleeper fully comfortable. This phenomenon has pressure-releasing effects on the body and helps relieve muscular, joint, and back pains.

The molding effect also gives unmatched comfort to people with different body shapes and types. This effect is also known to help you transition position without feeling any discomfort. Even if someone tends to sleep in the same position for hours, memory foam does not become hot.

How long does memory foam last?

When choosing the best mattress in India, buying one with memory foam is undoubtedly the only option as the material also has a great life. The bare minimum it can last is for 8 to 10 years.

You can make sure that it lasts even longer if you take care of it well. Keeping it free from dust, away from liquids are the ways you can take care of it.

When do we have to change the mattress?

Memory foam mattress like any other one will have a clear sign of wear and tear. Superficial deterioration of the mattress is not often the real reason for replacing the mattress, though. Things like the mattress sinking and not giving the effects of bounciness are the clearest of all that it is no longer serving its intended purpose.

There are often subtle signs like not getting enough comfort, feeling that the back is not being aligned well, and ache in the joints and muscles. These signs indicate that the mattress has reached its end of life.

How to ensure a long life for the memory foam mattress?

As stated above, memory foam as a material is long-lasting. However, it is susceptible to many factors like the user’s weight, lack of maintenance, etc.

Weight is something no one has any control over. However, timely cleaning the mattress, like dusting it once a few months and avoiding liquid spillage, can help you prolong the mattress’s life.

However, even conditions like humidity in the air are known to take a toll on the material’s life.

One way to prolong the mattress’s life is by using a mattress cover, which works as a protector; it keeps liquid and humidity away from the mattress.

Some mattress covers are made up of organic materials like bamboo; they, too, can help you prolong the mattress’s life along with giving you feeling cool throughout the night. It can also work as an excellent sweat absorbent.


Memory foam is a high-quality material for the manufacturing of mattresses. It is long-lasting and comfortable. At Bianca Mattress, we offer some of the best mattresses with ten years warranty and 100 nights’ trial. Our mattresses are also eco-friendly and certified by the orthopedic doctor society of Europe.