How To Easily Identify The Best Mattress Brand In India

When choosing a mattress, most of us fail to select the best brands and may end up regretting them later. You might not have even thought about the selection procedure of the mattresses that will act perfect for you. When you go to buy a mattress at the shop, the salesman will pitch you with the terms of the usual sales that make the customer buy things. However, it is also a possibility that the salesman is himself not aware of the kind of items used in making the mattress and the type of manufacturing process it has undergone. 

While looking for the best mattress brands in India, you need to consider a lot of factors like the quality of materials used, the type of clothing, and much more. There are so many varieties of mattresses that if you google the best brands, a lot of sites with numerous mattresses will come up. You need to surf through a lot of information to get an idea about which mattress will work best for you. 

Here are a few things that you may mind considering before buying the mattress. 

No hard mattress

While browsing through various websites, if you come across hard mattresses then they are not made for you. The best mattresses are the ones that are medium-soft or medium-firm. Even if you buy a hard mattress from a top brand, it will be of no use as lying on it does not let your body touch it uniformly. Therefore, this condition will cause pressure point development and hence backache. 

Spring mattresses

As you look for the best mattress brands in India, you will find that even the top brands do not pitch for spring mattresses in terms of health benefits. These mattresses only speak for a good feel and touch. The spring mattresses are not effective in relieving back pain and spine abnormalities. 

The problem lies in the fact that the mattress is uneven. It is hard at places where the spring coil is present while it is soft where it is absent. Therefore, it will not benefit you in the long run. 

Flipping Frequency

Another important factor related to the best mattresses is that they do not need to be flipped every now and then. They are sturdy enough to maintain themselves. The reason behind this is that good quality mattresses bear a good amount of density and compression levels. Such a mattress will require no flipping at all. 

Memory foam mattresses

While looking for the best mattress brands, you will observe memory foam mattresses as one of the best mattresses. These mattresses do not produce heat if cells of the foam are open enough. The issue of getting heated is related to the size of the cells used in making the foam. The cell size in a way defines the breathability of the mattress. The genuine and top brands make sure that the cell size remains appropriate to ensure that the comfort and satisfaction of the customers is maintained. 


While making a mattress purchase, you must have noticed the square or triangular patterns formed on it that are just made to make them aesthetically appealing to the customers. The quilting is not at all good for your health as it creates an uneven sleeping surface for you that can lead to back pain. 

So, you should make sure that you keep these basic quality factors in mind while making a mattress purchase.