How to wake up Happy?

After seven or eight hours of continuous sleep, you wake up on your comfortable best mattress in India, open your eyes, and feel rested and happy; it sounds like a perfect morning.  To have an ideal morning, you need to have had an excellent night's rest. It is only possible if you plan and pay notice to detail. Now imagine waking up like this every day.

By following these tips, you could be closer to achieving it. So if getting up in a happy mood in the morning is a real nightmare for you, we will try to help you make this daily routine a little more bearable.

Here are some tricks to get up happy. 

  • Please don't wake up in the dark, do it in the sunlight. Waking up in a room full of light means that the day has begun and that morning routine has to be started.
  • Get up when the alarm goes off. Apparently, the brain knows everything about the alarm. If this sounds and you do not get up, the brain does not allow you to return to deep sleep; it is aware that you have to get up, and it helps you fulfill your obligations. It means that you are messing up your sleep cycle and may wake up more tired than if you got up all the way.
  • Enjoy good music. Listening to music when you wake up puts you in a good mood, for obvious reasons. If it is also music with rhythm, it helps you stay awake. Be careful with setting your favorite song as an alarm as you may end up hating it.
  • To improve our awakening, the researcher recommends doing it in advance, setting two alarms: one twenty minutes before the time we have to get up and the other at which the alarm clock would normally sound. And it is that waking up from one phase to another phase of sleep that affects how we wake up. 
  • Adopt positive habits during the day. Surrounding yourself with pleasant people and environments during the day will help you rest at night. Exercising, eating balanced meals, and avoiding sugar are some of the daytime habits you can adopt to improve your sleep quality.
  • Avoid strong stimuli before going to sleep. Watching a horror movie, being glued to the screen of an electronic device, drinking coffee, alcohol, or eating heavily before going to sleep, as well as other strong stimuli, can seriously affect your rest. These stimuli will only make it difficult for you to fall asleep and even wake up several times during the night.
  • A room that invites you to rest: The environment in which you sleep has a powerful influence on your rest. Keeping order and having the best mattress in India and pillows are essential. For more details, we recommend reading How to create an ideal environment for better sleep and how India's best mattress helps improve your sleep.
  • Choose quality over quantity. An adult needs 7 to 9 hrs of proper sleep each night. But beyond the number of hours, you should aim for the quality, depth, and continuity of that rest.
  • Wash your face with cold water. Another very effective method to lower the skin's temperature and wake up and clear ourselves is to immediately wash our face with cold water, which refreshes us physically and mentally.

Signing Off

Try these tricks, and you might start hating mornings a little less. Also, the best mattress in India, from BIANCA Mattress, helps to have a good sleep during the night.