Mattresses That Keep You Healthy

When it comes to comfort and leisure, we love to spend most of the time in bed and/ or on a couch with some dim lights on creating a calming ambiance. Just close your eyes and think of someone switching on soothing instrumental music and you are relaxing after a long day at work. Sounds amazing, right!

Most times, people try to find this experience only in spas when they are on a vacation. But, what if you find the same comfort at your home at a very reasonable cost?

Yes, you heard it right. By selecting the right mattress, you can experience this at your home.

To understand mattresses in deep, let us check some common ones:

  • Coir Mattresses
  • Spring Mattresses
  • Foam Mattresses (PU Foam, HR Foam, Memory Foam, Gel Memory Foam)
  • Latex Mattresses (Natural Latex, Dunlop, Talalay)
  • Hybrid Mattresses (Combination of any of the above)

Now, let us dig in some pros and cons of mattresses available today:





Recommended for


Coir - Natural / Rubberized


- Less support- heavyweight

Back Sleepers

Not Recommended

Spring - Bonnel / pocket

- Good Bounce
- cheap

- Increases backache after some time

Back + Side + Stomach sleepers

Complete No-No

Foam - Hard / Soft / HR/ Memory / Gel Memory

- lightweight

- foam gets hot
- deforms

Back Sleepers

Not Recommended

Bonded - PU

- recycled
- less expensive

- very hard- gives shoulder/hip aches

Back Sleepers

Not Recommended

Latex – Natural latex / Talalay

- Cooling
- Good bounce
- Contours body shape

- very expensive
- Not good sitting and working on bed

Back / side / stomach Sleepers

Good but Expensive


Best of each type mentioned above

Practically None 

 All kinds of sleepers



If you are looking for some exciting and best quality mattress, then you should check the collection of Bianca Mattress. Let us look at what they are providing:

  • Bianca has a thumb rule of always using Hybrid types of the mattress. And, they develop them to cater to a specific need of a consumer. For example, Ideal mattresses for people who have back pain, the ideal mattress for old age people, etc.
  • They ensure using the best foams which are Swiss-Ko premium certified quality foam. These foams are 100% filler-free.
  • When you are purchasing from Bianca, you will be assured of the quality and material. Along with this, they provide options to customize the size of the mattress! Moreover, they are giving a 10-year warranty on the foam which is provided by no one in the market today! Also, they are allowing customers a 100 Nights trial. If you do not like the mattress, you can return it to them!
  • All the foams are certified by Orthopedic.

Let us check their products:





For Young Generation


Budget Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

2 Layers

For Hot sleepers


Cooling Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

2 Layers

For Back Pain / Spine problem / Slipped Disk/ Sciatica/ Lumbago


Firm Ortho Foam Mattress

3 Layers

Young/ Newly Married Couples


Bouncy Ortho Support Foam

3 Layers

Working Couples


Air Cool Ortho Memory Foam

3 Layers

Weight Miss-match Couples


Deep Support Memory Foam

3 Layers

Healthy lifestyle


Organic Ortho Memory Latex Mattress

4 Layers

Heavy couples


Organic Comfort Latex Mattress

4 Layers


Bianca has proved itself one of the best online mattress stores in India. It is even selling on Amazon. The brand is also very well reviewed on Google and loved on Facebook by customers.

Wrapping Up

If you are searching for such comforting mattresses, then Bianca Mattress - is your next best choice. You will find extremely beautiful mattresses which will keep your back pain a thousand miles away from you at a very effective and affordable cost.

Check out Bianca’s online mattress stores India for amazing discounts.

They have always guaranteed the best quality foams and reviewed as one of the best mattress brands in India. Today, they have millions of happy customers around the globe.

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