Orthopedic Mattress - Get To Know Some Facts Before Buying It

Generally, mattresses are large rectangular pads that support a person lying on bed. Mattresses are designed to be either used as a bed or on the frame of a bed. They consist of quilted or fastened cases made of heavy material cloth like straw, hair, cotton, metal springs, air water or foam rubber. Types of Mattresses Mattresses in India are available in a large variety of types:

  • Innerspring Mattresses – Such mattresses consist of a core of springs and top-bottom layers of upholstery. It is the core of modern day mattresses that supports the body of a sleeper.
  • Orthopedic Mattresses- Such mattresses are firm and are designed with the objective of correcting and ameliorating the discomfort caused by the spine or joint issues. Doctors recommend their patients to use an orthopedic mattress as it supports the back, the joints and the overall frame of the lying body.
  •  Foam Mattresses- Such kinds of mattresses are often paired with platform bases. Foam mattresses can be of different densities and weights of petrochemical based polyurethane foams, memory foam and latex rubber foams.
  • Bladder Mattresses – Such mattresses are made from bladders of fluid, usually air or water. These are more traditional in design. Its popularity increased in the 20 th century with its improved manufacturing quality.

Which Type of Mattress Should You Choose?

If you are in a dilemma regarding what type of mattress should you choose to buy then here’s a solution. If you are someone with fragile bones or have joint problems or have suffered a slip disk, then your safest option is to purchase an orthopedic mattress which is medically approved by doctors for several of its benefits. Best orthopedic mattresses in India come in all shapes and sizes and at an affordable price. Orthopedic memory foam mattresses are actually designed to combat bad back related problems or joints. Firm orthopedic memory foam mattresses offer targeted and tailored support to its users.

In our store you shall find the best orthopedic memory foam mattress made of natural latex which helps to keep the user cool and calm throughout the night. The best thing about an orthopedic memory foam mattress is that it can adapt and readjust with your body to provide maximum level of comfort. The zonal support of mattresses provide varied firmness supporting your hips, shoulders and spine adding to your comfort while sleeping.

We claim our mattresses to be orthopedic as they are doctor recommended and each of our products come with a ten 10 year guarantee and a hundred 100 night trial. The mattresses are Swiss-Ko certified premium quality orthopedic memory foam mattresses, highly recommended by the European Orthopedic Society. We provide free shipping of the best orthopedic mattress in India, ensuring you and your family a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. Our quality mattress foams are non-toxic and dust resistant helping to avoid respiratory issues. The organic natural latex gives a luxurious and fluffy feeling that shall keep you healthy and fresh during and after your time of rest. So what are you still waiting for? Hurry and order an orthopedic mattress right away.