Warning: Your Mattress Might Be Causing You Back Pain

Our mattresses play an important role in deciding and enhancing our sleep quality, this, in turn, decides how our next day is going to be. Continuously sleeping on the wrong mattress for a long period can make the spine lose its natural alignment, strain the muscles and result in back pain. A supportive single or double bed mattress on the other hand can prevent back soreness and help your spine maintain a neutral position.

If you are someone who’s facing back pain or other such problems, here’s how you can determine if your mattress is the culprit:

1. You wake every morning in pain
Your sleeping position and your mattress are likely to be the culprits if your first complaint after waking up every morning is backache. A mattress too old or too soft can put unnecessary pressure on your spine which might lead to back pain in the morning.

2. You keep tossing and turning all night
The restlessness of your night's sleep might be caused due to your mattress. The inability to find a comfortable sleeping position or corner might make you toss and turn all night contributing to inadequate sleep and back or body ache.

3. The Mattress you are sleeping on is either too hard or too soft
A mattress that is too soft puts pressure on the spine and will ultimately start hurting it. On the other hand, a mattress that is too hard can exert extra pressure on your joints. It is often suggested that to combat this issue, a medium-firm orthopedic mattress works well. You can browse the internet and find the best orthopedic mattress in India that suits your body’s needs and your budget too.

4. Your mattress is too old
It is recommended to replace your mattress every 7-8 years. This is because mattresses wear out and also our sleeping habits, body weight, and bone density keeps changing. Therefore, it is necessary to get a mattress that offers optimal support and firmness.

5. Do not get a continuous sleep
Your sleep environment plays an important role in helping you get sound sleep. Being a prominent factor, your mattress needs to be good enough to offer you the comfort and support you require to sleep properly.

6. You feel tired all-day
You should consider examining and if required replacing your mattress if you feel tired all day. This is because mattresses have a direct impact on the way you feel upon waking up every day.

7. The mattress you are sleeping on is saggy and uneven
As per experts, sleeping on an old and lumpy mattress for a long period can lead to chronic back pain. Also sagging, especially in the middle of the mattress can be a hazard to your spine health.

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