What Makes Buying A Mattress Easy with Bianca?

Selecting the right mattress is imperative as it contributes significantly to not just sound sleep but also overall wellness. You can consider your mattress as the socket and your sleep as a charger. If the socket is not apt, you will end up with a drained battery life due to lack of a good night sleep. With only 10% energy and battery left, you’ll be like the walking dead without a zombie outbreak. Now you understand how important a good mattress is? However, searching for the best mattress in India and anywhere in the world can be a daunting task. The plethora of options, quality, price and a lot more make a purchase extremely complicated.

Bianca ends your plight as it offers simplified and quality solutions that enable you to get your hands on the finest mattress. We ease the process of selection to eliminate your tension of buying the right mattress. Here’s how we do it:

1. 2 Options, easier selection
In today’s competitive world, customers like to scroll or shift through a host of options before finalising one. While the options can be boon for some, they’re bane for the rest as the surfeit of options often lead to confusion, sometimes resulting in the customer not even making a purchase. Bianca ensures not to have such a situation and therefore offers only two options of mattresses- Gel Memory Foam and Organic Latex that cater to several requirements. Through simpler selection, Bianca makes the selection process easier, giving the customers a hassle - free experience.

2. An elaborate trial period
One of the major reasons for several people that hesitate to purchase a mattress is the non-availability of a trial period. Imagine bringing home a mattress after all the struggles of selection to only realise it is not what you are looking out for! That would be the end of sound sleep and the beginning of eerie pains and aches. To avoid this, Bianca offers a 100-night trial period that allows you to get a clear picture of the quality and comfort a mattress offers and for you to confirm that it’s what you wanted and dreamed of!

3. Easy on the pocket
People often have this mind-set that good quality = high price. Well, they’re not to blame as there are several decent quality mattresses available in the market that are priced exorbitantly. This is another major hindrance that restricts people to purchase a mattress they want. Bianca breaks this age-old practice of high quality- high price by offering superior quality mattresses at reasonable rates. The mattresses are sold directly to you without the intervention of any middleman thus assuring for the overall cost to be minimal. What makes the entire purchasing process even better? No delivery cost! Bianca also offers a no question return policy, thus making the process a bliss.