What Size Mattress Do I Need?

You should be able to recognize the different mattress sizes and dimensions intuitively, right? The real fact here is that, whether you want to purchase a king size mattress online, queen size mattress online, or want to buy single bed mattress online selecting which size is the perfect pick for you is more complicated than you may think. For that, you need to ask ato purchase  few questions incorporating: does it fit well in my bedroom? Will it provide enough space to roam in a bedroom? What is the basic difference when I purchase a king size mattress online, queen size mattress, or a single bed mattress online?

Once you find the perfect mattress size for your bedroom, you can enjoy a sound sleep every night just like a baby. It is vital to find out as much as you can about the different mattress sizes and dimensions. Therefore, you can properly understand what kind of mattress will fit perfectly in your bedroom or any other space whenever you are planning to place it. Also, try to understand how different mattress dimensions work for different households and lifestyles. So, before finalizing any mattress you should ask the following questions to yourself.

  • Are you taller than the common person?
  • Do you sleep with your partner?
  • Do you require finding a mattress for a room that does not have much space?
  • Do you share your bed with your pets?

Now, let us understand what exactly the difference between these mattresses.

Single-Size Mattresses

This size of mattress is the perfect choice for singles who love to sleep comfortably by stretching out throughout the night. It is the best pick for teenagers. This mattress usually comes in 72” x 36”. This mattress is a good choice for guest rooms as they have space you require to set up other items just like a home office or fitness equipment.

King Size Mattresses

This size of mattress is not recommended unless your bedroom is at least 12ft x 12ft. The king-size mattress is the ideal choice for couples who have children or pets that sleep with them or desire to have extra sleeping space for them. This size of mattress usually comes in 72” x 72” inch size. For couples who use a king-size mattress, each sleeper gets 38” of sleeping space. This size of mattress is best for master bedrooms and if you have enough space for guest bedrooms then also you can pick a king size mattress online.

Queen Size Mattresses

This mattress comes in 78” x 60” inch size. The queen size mattress is a well-liked choice among singles who want to enjoy a roomy arrangement. You can clearly see that the only difference is within the width. Queen size mattress is preferable for people who sleep alone, yet prefer the more spacious solution themselves. If you want to purchase a queen size mattress, then you must have a bedroom of 10 x 12 feet dimensions.

Signing Off

Nowadays, there are various mattresses available online that suit every need and amount of space that a bedroom has. So, whether you are searching for the king size mattress online that let you stretch luxuriously or a single size mattress that fits well in your small bedroom ensure that you will find the perfect size.

Bianca Mattress – a leading mattress manufacturer brand suggests you take trial before you buy any mattress. It will help you to make an informed decision and you could pick the right mattress that fits well with your requirements. After all, you are spending your hard-earned money on it. So, it is worth investing your valuable time in checking out to get the best possible mattress option for your comfortable good night’s sleep.