Why Is Your Mattress Sagging? How Can You Prevent It?

After a long day of work, all that a person wants to do is enjoy a sound slumber. A high-quality mattress purchased from one of the best mattress brands in India is a must-have for getting proper sleep that helps you wake up refreshed in the morning. But if your current mattress has begun to sag, then it can trigger issues like back pain which can greatly disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Read on to learn about the reasons that cause mattresses to sag, and what can be done to prevent it:

3 Main Causes of a Sagging Mattress
1. Sleeping Positions

You may be a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, but every sleeping position will eventually affect the mattress shape and balance with regular usage. Below are a few examples that cause sagging:

  • Sleeping on only one side of the bed everyday.
  • If you share your bed with your pet, the spot where they sleep can sag as well.

The mattress sags wherever it feels the maximum impact of your body weight, like for instance, where your hips and shoulders lie.

  • 2. Insufficient Support
  • Your mattress will sag in certain areas if it is getting inadequate support from the box springs or from the bed. King and queen-size mattresses in particular need sufficient support throughout their large surface area. Also, you can consider investing in a durable orthopedic mattress which can last in an optimal condition for several years.

  • 3. Wear and Tear
  • All types of mattresses wear out with time. For example, the springs in traditional spring mattresses may lose their ability to offer bounce which can cause the mattress to sag. Memory foam and latex mattresses can become mouldable over time due to compression of the materials from prolonged usage.

    Tips To Prevent Your Mattress From Sagging
  • 1. Inspect the mattress regularly for dents
  • Around once a month, inspect your mattress to make a note of any sagging areas that may require fixing.

  • 2. Flip the mattress
  • Every six months, you may flip your mattress over so that the top side faces the bottom and vice versa. Additionally, you can also flip the head of the mattress to face the tail. Doing so can spread your weight evenly across the mattress and balance out the spots that may be sinking. 

    But before you flip your mattress, check from the manufacturer’s manual guide if it is recommended to do so or not. 

  • 3. Switch between different sleeping positions
    • Try sleeping on the other side of the bed occasionally if you tend to sleep on only one side of it every day.
    • If you share your bed with a partner, then try to alternate the sides of the bed you both usually lie on.

  • 4. Make repairs to the bed if required
  • If you notice that any part of the bed is broken, get it repaired immediately to make sure that it doesn’t affect the balance of the mattress.

    If the aforementioned tips have failed in preventing your mattress from sagging, then it definitely needs to be replaced. You must always buy mattresses online or offline only from a reliable brand that offers the finest quality at the best prices.