Why Should You Not Let Your Pet Sleep in Your Bed?

Our furry friends are our best buddies that accompany us not just through every phase of our life but every hour of the day too, which also includes the night. Every pet owner would have experienced a situation where they must have been lying on their comfortable mattress such as  an orthopedic memory foam mattress and would have a partner accompanying them in the middle of the night. The cute little face. The soft fur. The glistening eyes. Isn’t it difficult to resist the pure bundle of innocence when they try to sneak onto your mattress? Well, it definitely is tough. However, there are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t let them sleep in your bed.

Here are some of the prominent reasons why you shouldn’t share your bed with your pet:
1. There’s a possibility of you getting scratched

No matter the size of the pet, there is a chance that you might get scratched by them. Not intentionally, but by accident. This is because even pets dream, which results in them moving around aggressively sometimes. If you sleep close to your pet, hugging them, then you might see some scratches once you wake up or experience them even while you’re sleeping.

2. Your allergies might get triggered

There are several people who suffer from allergies but cannot figure out the trigger or source. Let us bring to your attention that pet dander and fur is one of the common triggers of allergies. We may not always be able to decipher which places our pets have been to and therefore are completely oblivious to the fact what their fur holds. Dust and pollen are some of the allergens that your pet might be exposed to which sticks to their paw and fur that makes them a walking carrier of triggers.

3. They might poop or pee 

There is a possibility for your pet to either urinate or defecate when they sleep with you. Despite being trained, there is a chance of them accidentally doing their smelly business. This is because when they are tucked in and are in deep sleep, they might not even realise that they need to do the deed or sometimes may just feel too lazy to move.

4. It may be difficult to sleep with a pet

Like every individual is different, so are pets. While some might be calm, the others tend to be really active at night. If yours is one of the ‘active’ ones, then getting a sound sleep may prove difficult for you. Sleep disruption is one of the major problems that pet owners might have to face because of their furry friend. From midnight snacking to bathroom breaks, there are many such instances that are enough to wake you up from your deep sleep.
Apart from the above-mentioned points, your pet deserves its own comfy space just like you deserve the finest gel memory foam mattress or the best latex mattress in India, which you can get from one of the credible mattress stores in the country. This way, you both can enjoy each other's company and a good night’s sleep too.