Finding The Right Mattress For Your Back Pain With Bianca

These days, health issues related to the spine and joints are largely found to be a result of the mattresses used. Changing the mattress has seemed to have worked for many people. There are various kinds of mattresses for back pain available at Bianca for everyone who longs for utmost comfort from the mattresses purchased. Our mattresses will be the best choice for you and provide you with a sound sleep every night.

However, choosing the right mattress can also be a question. Those with health problems will need to be even more careful when making a decision. To help you, we have mentioned five points below. They’ll help you choose the most suitable mattresses for back pain.

The type of material used

As said, mattresses are of different kinds. And this largely depends upon the materials used in the making of those products. Below are some kinds of mattresses you can refer to:

Modern spring mattresses: They come with innerspring cores of steel coils or springs. The firmness and support expected from the mattress will depend upon the gauge of the coils. This is due to the fact that the mattress retains its shape with the help of a connection between the coils.
A special kind of mattress: There are products with fabric encasements. This feature then helps in preserving the shape of the mattress.
Air-filled bladder mattresses: These make use of air chambers for support and not springs. Also known as air mattresses, they are useful for campers as well as medical reasons.
Waterbeds: Next we come to the fourth kind of mattresses. Here, metal coils and air are replaced with water. They are popularly considered useful for the spine and other parts of the body.
Foam mattresses: These are built with either memory foam or latex. The foam mattresses give comfort based on their weight and thickness. It also depends upon the formulation of viscoelastic or base foams. Such mattresses also help with back pain and in case of pressure on painful joints.

Mattress quality

One can determine the quality of a mattress through different parameters. These are hygiene, edge support and firmness and flexibility. Distribution of pressure, skin microclimate, stability and user’s comfort are other factors to consider. Consider the best mattresses available in India for back pain at our place and ensure a complete level of comfort during sleep.

The durability of the product

Check the expected lifespan or durability of the mattress before finalizing one. This will determine how long it can retain its original support and comfort. For information, the innerspring core or the quality latex core can last over ten to twenty years. The majority of them have a lifespan of about seven to ten years.

The maintenance requirement of mattresses for back pain

Next, we need to be aware of the fact that any mattress can be a victim of wear and tear and the way it is taken care of. Orthopedic memory foam mattresses are one of those easy to maintain due to dust-resistant features and respiratory benefits. Besides this, mattresses can maintain their firmness and support with their protective fabric cover along with a solid foundation.


Last but not least, the cost is something that largely determines our choice of a mattress. Affordable mattresses can be good to buy and use. However, it is advisable not to compromise quality for cost issues. This will give you and your family long-term benefits.

We hope you find your best mattress for back pain at Bianca, and it proves to be the best in the country.